I am a Programmer currently based in the Woking area, graduated with First Class Honours in BSc Games Programming at Bournemouth University. Please view my portfolio (Linked Above) to view the best of my work.
My primary language is C++, but I’ve used several languages and technologies and have at least a basic familiarity in C#, Node.JS, Python. Please read my CV for a more detailed breakdown of my skills. Taken part in several game jams as parts of small teams hosted by my university and global events such as Ludum Dare. My team achieved 1st, 3rd and 4th place finishes in the university game jams as judged by the rest of the participants. During the Ludum Dare jams in a team of two we achieved fairly high scores across the categories we entered.

I built and run a home server with attached refurb disk shelf using unRAID, which has improved my skills in Linux, CLI, Docker, virtualization, VPNs, reverse proxies and VNC. I self-host several game servers and a private GitLab instance utilizing Docker for continuous integration testing and deployment. I host my portfolio through an AWS Lightsail instance that is automatically deployed from my GitLab instance when new commits are created (and verified working though CI tests).

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The best way to contact me would be by email or LinkedIn:
Contact email (me@richardh.dev)

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