Bygone Brewery

Key Details

  • Won 3rd place in Bournemouth Universities' Game Jam Nov 2016
  • Was created in 48 hours with the theme 'Beer'
  • Made in a team of 3
  • I worked on most of the backend/engine code and managed the Git Repo


Created for Bournemouth Universities Game Jam Nov 2016 in 48 hours with the theme ‘Beer’. Our team consisted of me and two other Games Programming students.
I worked on the backend/engine code that provided input handling, rendering and other core engine features.
I also worked on many of the backend gameplay code such as level loading, entity systems and entity interaction.
While building this game we learnt a lot about planning ahead, as trying to combine together three peoples’ code is quite challenging without a lot of discussion.
I also managed the Git repo and performed all merges, pull requests and conflicts.