Culinary Creature Combat

Key Details

  • Unity Game made for the Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam
  • Theme of 'Combine 2 Incompatible Genres' made by 2 people
  • My first time using Unity


This was made for the Ludum Dare 41 Game Jam. This is an online Game Jam that people around the world enter. This was created in a team of two people and was created over 72 hours. The theme was ‘Combine 2 Incompatible Genres’ and we decided to create a Pokémon (RPG) style game with Overcooked (Cooking). We decided to create it as a 2D game using Unity. This was my first time using Unity and using C#.
The games all get reviewed by people on the internet over a 30-day period. After the 30-day period was up all the comments were positive. The game came 512th place overall out of 1898 games, however in the individual categories we came 136th place for the theme. Considering that this is our first game made with Unity, our first time entering Ludum dare and there was only two of us, we are quite happy with the results!

Game Overview

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a Pokémon (RPG) style game with Overcooked (Cooking), of course you haven’t but we did it anyway. Prepare to see why these genres combined make a confusing game with far too many systems to build and Art to draw in 72 hours.

The aim of the game is to complete the orders that appear at the top right of the screen, to get the ingredients you will have to venture into section of the supermarket where you will encounter various ingredients and engage them in combat. Refer to the help menu for more specific tips on where to find certain ingredients. Some ingredients have to be attacked with a certain tool for the to be prepared correctly (help menu provides guide), if you use the wrong tool the ingredient is ruined and worthless to you.

Try to capture the ingredients, you need and place them in the correct cooking station (Recipe shows which), place any unneeded ingredients into the bin. Keep gathering the correct ingredients until the recipe is complete, then deliver the food to delivery table (Chequered Table).