Directive 399WH

Key Details

  • Unity Game made for the Ludum Dare 47 Game Jam
  • Theme of 'Stuck in a loop' made by 2 people
  • Two solo games combined into one


We struggled pretty hard with the theme and started then abandoned several prototypes early on. Eventually we just decided to stick with an idea each and see if they could be combined together later.

My idea was to build a more story driven game which was quite unfamiliar territory for me. It required me creating a basic dialogue and scripted events system, which now with hindsight I’d completely redesign as I learnt how unmanageable my system became as the games scope increased. I built all of core game apart from the security mini-game with was created by my team mate as his first solo unity game. Since we had no artist all models were created out of unity primitives, and textures with some basic material work.

I’m pretty pleased with what we achieved considering we had nothing to show after the first day. There was a lot more features I wanted to include such as an alternative ending, but problems merging the unity projects together delayed us so much that they had to be cut. On the Ludum Dare website we received lots of good feedback and scored fairly high across the categories, our highest scores being in Humour, Theme and Mood.

Game Overview

“You are woken by your ship’s AI as there is an anomaly causing time loops aboard ship. The AI has a plan and he has chosen you… for some reason? Follow the AI’s guidance and attempt to end the loop and save the ship… or go your own way. What could possibly go wrong?”