Global Mobile

Key Details

  • SDL 2 C++ game made for the Bournemouth University February 2017 Game Jam
  • Theme of 'Global' created with 3 people
  • The code I developed during this jam became a key part of my dissertation


Global mobile was a submission in the February 2017 Bournemouth University Game Jam run by the Creative Technology department. It came in first place, getting voted the best game by the other teams. I primarily worked on the networking, web and backend code while the others focused more on the minigames.

The game is a 2D multiplayer game where all the players connect using their phones (Jackbox Style) and play several minigames either competitively or cooperatively. It was built using SDL 2 and C++ for the main game component, whereas the server/networking was created in Node.js and HTML/CSS using Websockets hosted on an AWS Instance. This networking interface became part of my dissertation.