Key Details

  • User account system using OAuth
  • Created from scratch using only boilerplate and plugins
  • Basic Social Networking
  • Image uploading and processing


The client’s brief was to create a basic social network website for members of an existing community.
Designs, legal, moderation and graphical work was handled by my Alex, while I handled all the development and server administration. This was the first time I had ever taken on a project with this scope so had to learn some of the required skills as I progressed.
The biggest challenge was when the design and scope of features would change requiring existing code to be replaced.
It was the first time I had used a build system like Gulp to handle automatic processing of assets. I also used dependency managers like Bower, NPM and Composer to handle the many required libraries.
It was the biggest project I have ever undertaken with over 170 tasks on our project management system. It has now launched and is starting to build a user base. Unfortunately it has since closed.